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At Mattress Depot we sell discount Kingsdown mattresses in South Florida. The Kingsdown mattress company has developed high quality mattresses that satisfy people looking to get a good night sleep. Most importantly the company has invested a large amount of resources in sleep research to find out the effects of their mattresses to help people enjoy their sleep.

Kingsdown Beds Background

Kingsdown Inc, was founded in the year 1904 as Mebane Bedding Company in the Mebane, North Carolina. The company has more than a hundred years of experience in making high quality mattresses. The mattresses are made in the United States at its manufacturing facilities. Mattresses made by Kingsdown can be classified as innerspring mattresses. If you are living in Deerfield beach, Florida, looking for a high quality bed, you come to the right place.  

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The innerspring mattresses have a support system which uses steel spring coils. Depending on the type of mattress, it may have a single unit of connected coils or there may be several pocketed coils which are individually wrapped. These innerspring mattresses can be further divided into additional categories depending on the whether they also have a gel layer for additional cooling, and features for providing better back and body support. Hence mattress buyers should visit Mattress Depot as we are the best Kingsdown mattress store in South Florida.

Why Buy A New Bed

Those who plan to buy a new bed should also check the intelligent mattresses from Kingsdown which use the latest technologies to provide support and induce a better quality sleep. These mattresses either use "air" technology which cannot be adjusted. "Active air" which can be manually adjusted by the buyer to offer better support. Lastly "pro-active air" technology which will automatically adjust itself according to the position of the person sleeping on the bed. The mattress will make adjustments to maintain the correct alignment to offer pressure relief and the ideal support for the person sleeping on it.

Comfortable Kingsdown Beds

One of the unique features of the Body Perfect Intelligent mattress is that it is supplied with an Android tablet and app. This app provide details of the daily sleep statistics, and tips for improving the quality of the sleep. The Sleep Smart Air is the most sophisticated mattress from Kingsdown, it incorporates the Intellimax technology for best quality sleep. It has three zones for lumbar support, and the level of support for each zone can be adjusted. The performance fabric used will wick away the moisture and heat generated while sleeping.

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At Mattress Depot in South Florida we have a variety of discount mattresses for sale. Stop by and visit us today. You can also give us a call if you have any questions.