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Genesis Mattress Store South Florida 

Most people usually spend some time researching before they decide on buying a new bed. A suitable mattress is important to get a good night sleep. One of the most popular brands of beds is the Genesis mattress brand. They provide high quality gel and luxury mattresses which are designed to offer the greatest comfort and support. At Mattress Depot in South Florida we understand that several people in Deerfield Beach are interested in finding a discount mattress store that sells mattresses from genesis. That is why we have the best showroom floor so they can personally check the quality of the bed before making their final decision.

Genesis Mattress Styles

Most mattress buyers also read the genesis mattress reviews before purchasing a specific style. They should be aware that the mattresses are available in three different series. The entry level bed is the gel foam mattresses. Buyers who want a luxury style bed can opt for the plush luxury foam mattresses. Lastly, buyers with a limited budget can opt for the hybrid mattresses which combines the features of gel and luxury mattresses at an affordable price. All the beds from genesis come with a limited lifetime warranty, so customers can be assured that they are purchasing a quality product. 

Popular Genesis Beds 

Some of the most popular beds in the South Florida are the gel foam type mattresses from genesis. These mattresses are available in four different thicknesses ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches, and differ in the thickness. All the mattresses have a luxosoft bamboo cover of thickness 450 gsm. Each mattress has three different layers of material. The first is flow gel, which is a recovery foam that replenishes itself. g-volvo gel which is the middle layer and has an adaptive foam that has a bottom layer. Lastly, true core, which is a support foam that is highly resilient. 

Deerfield Beach Genesis Mattress Store 

Customers who want a luxurious and soft mattress can opt for a luxury foam mattress, which is the most expensive mattress available. These mattresses are available in two different thickness 12 inches and 14 inches, and these beds, have different layers of material with a thickness that varies. They also have a high quality Tencel cover of 450 gsm. The top most layer of each mattress has one inch of Flow Lux Gel quilted into it. The next layer has the Flow Gel recovery foam, while the third layer has the Flow Tex foam for ortho support. Like other mattresses the resilient support foam TrueCore HD, forms the lower most layer of the mattress. Hybrid mattresses are available in thicknesses from 8 to 12 inches. 

Affordable Genesis Beds Near Me

Genesis is famous for its high quality adjustable bases which can be used with the mattresses. The adjustable bases have a load bearing capacity of 750 lb and a wireless remote which includes a flashlight. One bed is designed for massage, and the position of the bed can be changed according to the requirement of the user. The bed also has USB charging ports. The bases are also available in different sizes.

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